Women's Studies Abroad

Analysis on the Predicament of Contemporary Japanese Women's Working Life

Jin HaiLan, Xiao Wei
Qinghua University
Journal of China Women’s University 2016-5

Abstract:Women's issues have always been the whole society's issues, rather than the women's own. Although Women are facing different issues in different cultures, times and countries and regional areas, there are still similar pains and sufferings due to sex difference and gender division of labor of women. The main reason for the situation is that reproduction and housework are not given equal and fair treatment. Therefore, to eliminate the inequality and injustice women have suffered is the key to pursue justice in the whole society, which is also the fundamental motivation of the feminist movement. The paper tries to analyze the contemporary Japanese women's situation and their demands in working life, which is closely related to the institutional structure of Japanese society and the labor system of Japanese companies. Such an analysis also provides a reference for Chinese women in the same predicament.
Keywords:Japanese women, working life, working and poverty

Paper type:Published