Women's Studies Abroad

The Study on Laws to Promote Women's Participation in Labor Force

Wang GuoHua, Jin MingHua
Dalian Ocean University
Journal of China Women’s University 2016-5

Abstract:Because of employment deterioration and unfair treatment in the workplace, Japan issued a specific law to promote women's participation at work in August 2015 to improve the utilization, participation and activities of the female labor force. The Japanese government by way of financial subsidies and administrative reward, boosted reform in the employment management system, expanded the scale of female labor employment and occupation, as well as supported women in balancing work and household duties. The law calls on employers of female workers to be aware of employment discrimination, and not only bear moral, but also legal obligations. After years of implementation, there have been some positive results worthy of attention.
Keywords:Japan women, laws to promote women's participation in workplace, women's labor force, employment management system

Paper type:Published