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Female Alcohol Abuse in Victorian England
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-20
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Female alcohol abuse was very outstanding in Victorian England. Those women not only disobeyed the law, but also broke the gender norms while they were drunken, hence, they would suffer more condemnat...Version: Chinese
The Japanese Army Headquarters and the System of “Wartime Comfort Women”——With Focus on Summary of the Army Opperation Log by Setsuzo Kinbara
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-17
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Japan's publication of Summary of the Army Operation Log by Setsuzo Kinbara in 1993 indicated three facts.First, with more troops fighting abroad since the outbreak of the Pacific War, "military comfo...Version: Chinese
Analysis of Types and Characteristics of Japanese Women’s
Uploaded Time: 2014-12-26
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Japan's rural women rely on genetic and geopolitical relationships in merge into society, and have formed different types of personal networks to support their daily lives. There are many different fa...Version: Chinese
On Women's Gender Construction in Ancient Greece from the Angle of Athletics
Uploaded Time: 2014-12-22
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The Olympic Games were founded by the ancient Greeks. But the participants were largely limited to male citizens. It was an important embodiment of male power in society. However, this kind of exclusi...Version: Chinese
Yamei Kin:The First Woman Returned Student of China——The Reports about Yamei Kin in The New York Times
Uploaded Time: 2014-11-18
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Yamei Kin, the first Chinese woman returned student, who was given a thorough medical education in the USA, was reported and interviewed many times by The New York Times in the early years of 20th cen...Version: Chinese
A Cultural Interpretation of the Female Image in the Ancient Geek Literature
Uploaded Time: 2014-11-09
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The female images in the western literature can be categorized into the following three different types: the historical symbol, Helen; "the familial angel", Parnearopa; "the shrew", Medea. They were a...Version: Chinese
The Study on Female by Un-onnnadaigaku Style in Meiji Initial Time——Centered on the Female Theory by Doi Kouka
Uploaded Time: 2014-09-30
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Some male intellectuals came on the stage and became more and more active due to the massive publication of the series of "Onnnadaigaku", and the spread of the style of onnnadaigaku.The style was coll...Version: Chinese
On Changes and Reasons of the Female Language of Japanese
Uploaded Time: 2014-07-03
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
In Japan's long-time feudal period, women were subordinate to men in family and society. However, with the advancement of the society and the change of people's ideology, female language has came up a...Version: Chinese
Study on the Female Body Image in the Context of Sports Consumption Culture
Uploaded Time: 2014-06-26
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
In the context of different culture and different historical period,the aesthetic discipline of the female body image is different. This paper discusses the connotation of sports consumption cultural ...Version: Chinese
On the Feminism in Victorian -- Taking a Variety of Mother Images in Jane Eyre as an Example
Uploaded Time: 2014-06-09
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
By means of close reading, this thesis analyzes the historical background of Victorian and a variety of mother images in Jane Eyre, and then classifies them into three categories: unsuccessful mother,...Version: Chinese
On the Successful Experience of the Establishment of Wellesley College
Uploaded Time: 2014-06-04
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Wellesley College is a successful model of women's college in the world, with its excellent quality of education being acknowledged by the whole world. The reason for its success is the perfect combin...Version: Chinese
An Overview of Research on the Issues of Latin American Women in the Domestic Academic Circle since 1990s
Uploaded Time: 2014-01-28
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Since 1990s, the research of Latin America in China has reached a new climax. Thanks to the development of modern communication technology, the research data on Latin America have also been increasing...Version: Chinese
The Research on the Institutional Design for the Political Participation Equality of South Korean Women
Uploaded Time: 2014-05-28
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The level of women's political participation is significantly lower than that of men across the world, so is it in South Korea, which is deeply influenced by the traditional family pattern with "male-...Version: Chinese
The Analysis of the Gender Discrimination in American Slang
Uploaded Time: 2014-05-28
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The thesis aims to discover the gender discrimination in American slang. It elucidates the natural attribute of slang functionally and the close relationship between slang and gender, and then summari...Version: Chinese
Analysis of Deviation of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry
Uploaded Time: 2014-05-20
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Emily Dickinson’s poetry is well-known for its novelty and uniqueness. This paper attempts to give a detailed analysis of her poetry from stylistics aspect. It is found that she employs lexical devia...Version: Chinese
On Women's Liberation from the Perspective of the Evolution of Divorce Law in Britain
Uploaded Time: 2014-05-19
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The evolution of divorce law in Britain has gone through a long process. In the past, it never allowed any divorce; then it permitted divorce through the legislative procedures and at present through...Version: Chinese
The Research on the Public Participation of Women in Gender-equal Society in Rural Japan
Uploaded Time: 2014-05-14
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Japan try to build the gender-equal society in the 1990s, in order to promote the women's status. In such context, Policies are given a special care of rural women. The specific path based on the Mini...Version: Chinese
Special National Policies on Childbirth and Child-rearing in Japan
Uploaded Time: 2014-05-07
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
In the world, each country usually has special policies for pregnant women and childbirth, for example Japan. Based on official information from the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare of Japan, this...Version: Chinese
A Discussion on American Religion and Women's Rights Movement
Uploaded Time: 2014-05-07
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The religion, which was called the soul of American culture, played a huge promoting roll in the women's right movement in the mid 19th. First of all, with women as the main body of the church organiz...Version: Chinese
Changes and Causes of Female Employment in Japan
Uploaded Time: 2014-04-22
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Improvements in the social status of females has brought great changes in the traditional idea of "husbands work outside the home and women become wives,mothers and housekeepers".More and more females...Version: Chinese