Women's Studies Abroad

Literature in Blue Stockings and The Disaster of War
Uploaded Time: 2013-09-02
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Founded in September of 1911, Blue Stockings is the earliest feminist magazine by women in Japan. With the emergence of second wave feminism in the mid-1970s, the magazine began to be rediscovered and...Version: Chinese
American Critical Feminism and It Contemporary Evolvement
Uploaded Time: 2013-08-28
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The theories of American Critical Feminism can be generalized into threes themes: Multi-Democracy, Power Theory and Gender. Multi-Democracy is the theoretical foundation of the critical feminism; Powe...Version: Chinese
South Korean Women's Civil Society Organizations in the Control of Sex Ratio at Birth
Uploaded Time: 2013-07-04
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
South Korea is recognized as an example of successful control of sex ratio imbalance in Asia. This success can be attributed to a variety of reasons, including the role of Korean women's civil society...Version: Chinese
The Gender Roles and Social Status of Vestal Virgins in Ancient Rome
Uploaded Time: 2013-06-22
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
From the perspective of social gender, this paper discusses the gender roles of Vestal virgins in ancient Rome, and explores their social status in terms of religion, politics, law, economy, social li...Version: Chinese
Bachmann’s Rational Consideration and Poetic Criticism of Western Society——A Co-discussion on Women Writers’ View of Writing
Uploaded Time: 2013-06-17
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
An contemporary Austrian woman writer, Ingeberg Bachmann reveals the contradiction and potential crisis in the existing order of post-war western society in her works. Her check and criticism of Austr...Version: Chinese
The Cry of the Weak: Maidens in the American Fictions
Uploaded Time: 2013-06-03
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The feminine campaign and emancipation in 1960spush American novelists to severely attack the sexual harassment of the maidens. They are divided into three types, the raped, the unmarried mothers, and...Version: Chinese
The Influence of Sufism on Iran
Uploaded Time: 2013-06-01
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
School of politics and law, summer University The Sufism mixes with the culture and literature of Iran together and influences Iran more than any other societies. Therefore, it is beyond doubt that t...Version: Chinese
Persistently Struggle and Never Give Up -- Analysis on the Heroine of "Gone with the Wind"
Uploaded Time: 2013-05-24
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Scarlett O'Hara in the Margaret Michel's novel “Gone with the Wind” is a complex character filled with contradictions. She is selfish and vain with small town knowledge but a mercenary sensibility, ...Version: Chinese
Elaboration on the Narrative Strategy of the Works of the American Indian Writer Erdirich
Uploaded Time: 2013-05-20
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Louise Erdrich is an important contemporary local writer. From 1984, she continuously published Love Medicine, The Beet Queen, Tracks, The Antelope Wife and many other novels or stories in description...Version: Chinese
Analyzing the Movement of Migrant Children
Uploaded Time: 2013-05-20
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The research uses the data from 1‰ sampling survey of floating population in Beijing in 2006 to analyze the floating behavior of the floating children aged under 15. The paper compares demographic an...Version: Chinese
Victim of Morality: Two Professional Training Philosophies of English Nurses in the Middle and Late 19th Century
Uploaded Time: 2013-04-08
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The "white angel" moral image of women nurses is not a natural perception, but originated from two English nursing professional training philosophies in the mid and late 19th century, reflecting the i...Version: Chinese
On Development of Moral Concepts of Females—An Analysis of Gilligan's Female Moral Development
Uploaded Time: 2013-04-02
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The American psychologist Carol Gilligan, an expert in feminist ethics, appraised the negligence of the females in the existing Western theories on development of human ethics. Based on interviews she...Version: Chinese
Study of the Images of New Women in the Novel Bluestocking
Uploaded Time: 2013-03-27
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
During the transition period from Emperor Meiji to Emperor Taisho, a group of active Japanese women writers formed a women's society called the Bluestocking Association, and established their own lite...Version: Chinese
New Interpretation of Female Characters in Western Literature
Uploaded Time: 2013-03-19
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
This article analyzes and explores the deep meaning of female characters in Western literature in different perspectives. The low social status of the female is determined by the male\|dominated socie...Version: Chinese
The Increase of Rural Women's Economic Status in Japan
Uploaded Time: 2013-02-28
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Japan began focusing on building a gender equal society in the 1990s in order to improve the status of women. The main implementation strategies were formulating laws and policies and providing an ins...Version: Chinese
The Development of Women's Universities in Japan and How It Inspired Women's Higher Education in China
Uploaded Time: 2013-02-21
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Japan began to attach importance to women's education during the era of the Meiji government. Although they were influenced by the international civil rights and feminist movement, women's universitie...Version: Chinese
Manifest Domesticity: The American Protestant Women Missionary Movement to China and Its Gendered Logic
Uploaded Time: 2013-01-29
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Protestant missionary movement in China lasted for more than a century and more than half of the missionaries were women, whose enterprise abroad seemed to have come into conflict with the traditional...Version: Chinese
Canadian Maternity Policies for Equal Sharing of Responsibilities Benefit Female Workers
Uploaded Time: 2013-01-28
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Equal sharing of responsibilities between women and men("ESOR") with respect to Labor & Management is a major field of ESOR. The Canadian policies and programs that are concerned with both Labor & Man...Version: Chinese and English versions
On American Anti-Feminist Movement of the Late Twentieth Century
Uploaded Time: 2013-01-14
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Upon the rise of neo-conservatism, which controlled American politics and the mainstream media in the late 1970s, anti-feminism in America gained momentum and launched an extensive offence against the...Version: Chinese
Vietnamese Gender Income Gap since Doi Moi
Uploaded Time: 2013-01-10
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
In order to inspire economic vitality and maintain the social equity, Vietnam makes unswerving efforts to promote gender equality since the implementation of Doi Moi policies. Gender income gaps among...Version: Chinese