Women's Studies Abroad

Analysis of the EU's Gender Equality Index
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-30
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The EU set up its Gender Equality Index in 2010, and published its result in 2013. The index is based on EU's gender equality theory, its basic treaty, and policy on gender equality and the UN's gende...Version: Chinese
Changing of Female Education in Victorian Age
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-21
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The age of Queen Victoria is an era of changing. The changing in the female education has been witnessed following the reform in economy and politics during this age. Starting from the 1850s, the trad...Version: Chinese
True Love and False Love——The Sad Narrative in The Grandmothers by Doris Lessing
Uploaded Time: 2015-09-14
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The Grandmothers, published in 2003, is the latest collection of stories by Doris Lessing, a Nobel Prize Winner. The book consists of four stories on old women’s emotional life. Focusing on the first...Version: Chinese
The Religious Personalities of the Bronte Sisters
Uploaded Time: 2015-09-09
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
As the representative Victorian women writers, the Bronte Sisters were deeply influenced by their family's religious background. Their father, an Anglican priest, advocated Evangelism highlighting per...Version: Chinese
Killing of Women in Crimes of Honor in Pakistan
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-08
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Traced back to early clans of Pakistan, so called crimes of honor crimes have existed a long time. However, they remain the extremity of violation of the human rights of women. They still prevail in P...Version: Chinese
The Study of Foreign Women in China
Uploaded Time: 2015-08-27
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Those foreign women in China have become a bigger and bigger population and are worthwhile study. The history of foreign women in China can be dated back from the 1840 War. From then to the period bef...Version: Chinese
Cross-Dressing, Gender and Power: On the Costume of "Amazon Female Fighters" in the French Revolution
Uploaded Time: 2015-08-25
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
When the French Revolution swept across France, women from all ranks were actively involved in the revolutionary torrent in various ways. One of the most striking actions was that radical revolutionar...Version: Chinese
On the Life Consciousness and Social Consciousness in Jane Eyre
Uploaded Time: 2015-08-05
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The thesis makes an analysis of the life consciousness and feminine consciousness from a completely new angle in the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, who attempted to understand women and seek for...Version: Chinese
On the Historical Role of Leftist Female Literature under the Leadership of American Communist Party in the 20th Century
Uploaded Time: 2015-07-12
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
American leftist women writers implied much female consciousnesses in the grand narratives of class struggle , which challenged male hegemony was covered in the Left in 1930s. American Communists con...Version: Chinese
The Marital and Family Value Change of Victorian Britain in Anthony Trollope's Novels
Uploaded Time: 2015-06-22
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Trollope’s works have very high social value. Compared with his contemporary writers, Trollope was more concerned with the people’s moral crisis in the transitional society. By analyzing his novels,...Version: Chinese
Reflections on the Occurrence of Crossover
Uploaded Time: 2015-03-20
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Crossover is a popular word of the creative economy times, which tells the rules and methods of creation taking place. Occurrence of creativity is a process. Firstly, boundaries form the world; Second...Version: Chinese
Women's Curriculum Provisions in American Women's Colleges and Its Enlightenment
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-11
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Women's curricula are a series of courses provided by schools guided by women's concepts and educational theory, based on girls' developing mental and bodily features, and meeting their special learni...Version: Chinese
Women Culture and Japanese Economy: An Analysis of the Women Policy in the Japanese New Growth Strategy
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-08
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Encouraging the women participation in economic development is one of the core pillars of Japanese New Growth Strategy. If there is no "female economics", there is no "Abe economics", which has become...Version: Chinese
Madonna Feminism: A Dangerous Brand in American Third-wave Feminism
Uploaded Time: 2015-03-03
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
From a socio-economic perspective, the 1990s was considered one of the best decades in American history. A new brand of feminism which regarded Madonna as their champion caught the American public, me...Version: Chinese
An Analysis of the Wave and Female Images of Masculine and Feminine Elements Teacher by Baku Yumeimakura
Uploaded Time: 2015-03-01
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The most popular fiction in the late 20th century in Japan is Baku Yumeimakura's Masculine and Feminine Elements Teacher. It brought about a wave of "Yin-Yang Teacher" in Japanese society. The novel w...Version: Chinese
Female Alcohol Abuse in Victorian England
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-20
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Female alcohol abuse was very outstanding in Victorian England. Those women not only disobeyed the law, but also broke the gender norms while they were drunken, hence, they would suffer more condemnat...Version: Chinese
The Japanese Army Headquarters and the System of “Wartime Comfort Women”——With Focus on Summary of the Army Opperation Log by Setsuzo Kinbara
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-17
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Japan's publication of Summary of the Army Operation Log by Setsuzo Kinbara in 1993 indicated three facts.First, with more troops fighting abroad since the outbreak of the Pacific War, "military comfo...Version: Chinese
Analysis of Types and Characteristics of Japanese Women’s
Uploaded Time: 2014-12-26
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Japan's rural women rely on genetic and geopolitical relationships in merge into society, and have formed different types of personal networks to support their daily lives. There are many different fa...Version: Chinese
On Women's Gender Construction in Ancient Greece from the Angle of Athletics
Uploaded Time: 2014-12-22
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
The Olympic Games were founded by the ancient Greeks. But the participants were largely limited to male citizens. It was an important embodiment of male power in society. However, this kind of exclusi...Version: Chinese
Yamei Kin:The First Woman Returned Student of China——The Reports about Yamei Kin in The New York Times
Uploaded Time: 2014-11-18
Category: Women's Studies Abroad
Yamei Kin, the first Chinese woman returned student, who was given a thorough medical education in the USA, was reported and interviewed many times by The New York Times in the early years of 20th cen...Version: Chinese