Women's Rights and Law

The Difficult Position and Way out to Protect the Land Interests of "Married Daughters"——From the angle of folk laws

He Lirong
Polities and Law Sehool,Guangxi University for Nationalities
Hebei Law Science 2008-3

Abstract:The village committees restrict and deprive those "married daughters" of their land interests by means of regulations and agreement commonly practiced in villages. These regulations and agreements commonly practiced in villages make up of the folk laws, whose existence and practice are based on the social inheritance law which emphasizes on one-side inheritance and customs of "men taking wives and women taking husbands". Consequently, in order to effectively protect the land interests of the "married daughters", we need to develop the rural economy, carry out the state policy of family planning, practice legal publicity, improve the social security system in rural areas, thus to shake and eliminate the basis of the folk laws, and to effectively improve the practice of the state laws in rural areas.
Keywords:"married daughters", land interests, protect folk laws

Paper type:Published