Women's Rights and Law

Research on Legal Protection of the Rights and Interests of Left-behind Women in Half-flow Families in Divorce Cases

Wu Guoping
Fujian Jiangxia University
Journal of Chongqing Technology and Business University Social Science Edition 2014-1

Abstract:In recent years, the divorce rate of half-flow families in China has presented an increasing trend, there are some new situations in the perspective of the protection of the rights and interests of marriage and family of the left-behind women in rural areas, which can be solved by perfecting legislations and regulations and by consolidating judicial protection. According to the divorce cases of half-flow families and the particularity of left-behind women's rights protection, we should earnestly implement the the topics of legislation and further perfect relevant contents of the protection of women's property rights in Chinese Marriage Law to modify the related provisions of divorce procedures and to strengthen the conciliating work in women divorce cases so as to enhance the protection for the rights and interests of the left-behind women in divorce cases.
Keywords:half-flow family, left-behind women, divorce rights and interests, migrant worker

Paper type:Published