Women's Rights and Law

Reform Direction of Japan's Parental Rights Restriction System and Its Enlightenment on China's Improvement of Guardianship System

Jin Yanjuan
School of Law, East China University of Political Science and Law
Journal of Chongqing Technology and Business University Social Science Edition 2010-2

Abstract:With the economic development, living rhythm acceleration and the increasing of living pressure of the people, the events of punishment and mistreatment of parents with single child on their child become serious, and with the rise of divorce rate, the problems in the allocation of guardian rights and the care for the child after divorce are prominent. The lack of regulations and implementation procedure of China's guardianship system for the minor children makes the problems difficult to be basically overcome. Japan follows feasible regulations of the countries of traditional continental law system and makes improvement for many times for the protection of Japans minor. On the basis of the introduction of Japan's parental rights restriction system and its reform direction, this paper gives the improvement direction of China's related legislations based on China's current regulations.
Keywords:minor children, parental rights, restriction guardianship, system Japanese civil code

Paper type:Published