Women's Rights and Law

Problems for Protecting the Rights and Interests of Labor of Female Migrant Workers of the New Generation in Feicheng, Shandong Province

Fan Mei, Deng Yonghui
School of Public Finance and Administration, Harbin University of Commerce
Business Economy 2016-8

Abstract:The study takes both questionnaire and interview methods to investigate the current situation of the rights and interests of labor of female migrant workers of the new generation in Feicheng, Shandong province. It is found that there are problems such as low labor contract signing rate, long work hours, hidden risks in the labor environment, and lack of protection of the special periods of female workers.To improve the situation, the study puts forward suggestions, including giving full play to labor security supervision teams and labor unions, employers taking the corporate responsibility, raising the female workers' right-protection awareness, and improving the labor skills of the workers.
Keywords:Feicheng, female migrant workers of new generation, labor protection

Paper type:Published