Women's Rights and Law

Legal Study on the Campus Violence of Underage Girls

Yuan Cuiqing
Politics and Law Department, Datong University of Shanxi
Contemporary Youth Research 2016-5

Abstract:By analyzing the campus violence of underage girl's concept definition and characteristics and the status quo of its legal regulation, the paper found that the present legal regulations are imperfect, lack of special legislations, short of legal regulation and judicial application about the salvage obligation of bystanders. As the unsound guardianship system, the parents' responsibilities are not sufficient, the school's supervision is poor and legal security education is short. Because of the omission of culture market legislation, the violence culture is introduced. So our country should enhance legislation, improve legislation's operation, perfect legal regulation and responsibility system for bystanders, complete the guardianship system and supplement regulations for underage girls, increase legal propaganda and education to raise the sexual right protection awareness of underage girls, strengthen legislation and regulation of culture market to resist the violence culture, explore new measures for constructing safe campus and protect the legitimate rights and interests for the underage girls from the legal level.
Keywords:Campus Violence, Female Violence, Sexual Violence, Bystander Responsibility, Legal Prevention and Control

Paper type:Published