Women's Rights and Law

Can the Advantages of Female Education be Extended to the Labor Market? -- Analysis Based on the College Entrance Examination Scores,Undergraduate Academic Performance and Employment Situation

Cai Weiping
Department of Sociology,Wuhan University
Contemporary Youth Research 2016-6

Abstract:Whether the advantages of female education in the field of higher education can be extended to the labor market is a very important problem. Through the analysis of college entrance examination scores,undergraduate academic performance and employment situation among 6782 undergraduates of grade 2010 from admission to graduation, it was found that female's college entrance examination score washigher than that of male, and female significantly performed better than male in foreign language achievement, physical exercise, compulsory public courses, selective public courses and GPA. However, male's employment situation was much better than that of females, and the possibility for female's entering the state-owned enterprise, the organization was significantly lower than the male.This shows that the female advantage is only reflected on the college entrance examination scores and undergraduate academic performance, but there is no female advantage in the undergraduate employment.
Keywords:the Advantage of Female Education, College Entrance Examination Score, Academic Performance, Employment, Gender Stratification

Paper type:Published