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Analysis on Influencing Factors of AIDS Occupational Protection Awareness and Coping Ability in Female Medical Staffs

Han Qiufeng, Wu Fan
The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University
Strait Journal of Preventive Medicine 2016-6

Abstract:Objective To investigate the occupational protection awareness and coping ability of AIDS, and to explore its influencing factors in female medical staffs in a general hospital. Methods Totally 543 female medical staffs were investigated with the self-designed questionnaire including their occupational protection knowledge and coping ability and the influencing factors were analyzed by using multiple linear stepwise regression. Results The total score of occupational protection knowledge of AIDS was 77.1±10.3. Surgery/medical technology department, technician profession, long length of service and occupational training were influencing factors of occupational protection knowledge and coping ability. Conclusion The occupational protection knowledge and coping ability of AIDS in female medical staffs are at lower level, and lack of occupational exposure risk assessment and emergency disposal ability. Occupational education and training should be strengthen for improving self-protection awarenessand ability for female medical staffs.
Keywords:Female Medical Staffs, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome(AIDS), Occupational Protection Awareness, Coping Ability, Influencing Factors

Paper type:Published