Women's Rights and Law

Study on the Low End Female Workers Rights and Interests Protection

Kong Xiangfeng
Beijing Fangshan District People's Court
Journal of Beijing Federation of Trade Unions Cadre College 2016-4

Abstract:Female workers' rights issue has become a social concern, the low end female workers' labor right protection is more serious. Many female workers working in low end work are facing issues like enterprise employment system not standardized, weak personal legal awareness, the "three period" is infringed, hidden infringement, etc. The causation includes not only the workers themselves, the enterprise, and also lies in lacking of law protection, social protection. Regarding this, this paper suggests that the protection of low end female workers' labor rights should be enhanced by revising the law, enforcing the law and strengthening the publicity of female workers' rights and interests.
Keywords:low end industry, female workers, infringement

Paper type:Published