Women's Rights and Law

The Invisible Curfew: Fear of Sexual Assault and College Women's Use of Space on Campus

Zhou Peiqin
Shool of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Nanjing University
Collection of Women's Studies 2016-6

Abstract:Fear of assaults and taking measures to avoid victimization has been a common daily experience of modern life. Due to the concerns about sexual assault, women have usually shown a higher level of fear. Through in-depth interviews, this study reveals that women's fear in a newly built low-density campus is prevalent and clearly has both temporal and spatial dimensions. College women students who have to work out their strategies to deal with their fear, are often experiencing constraint in their personal development,which poses a barrier to achieving gender equality in higher education. In the end, the study argues that to address this issue requires ways to appropriately diversify and multiply the usages of the campus and a holistic solution based on a more innovative sociological analysis.
Keywords:women, fear of sexual assault, low-density campus, the use of space

Paper type:Published