Women's Rights and Law

Whether Women's Non-Agricultural Employment Can Reduce Domestic Violence -- Evidence from Rural China

Song Yueping, Chen Liyue
Renmin University of China
Journal of China Women's University 2015-4

Abstract:This essay investigates the influence of non-agricultural employment of women on the risk of suffering from domestic violence. By using the theoretical framework of the relationship between economic empowerment of rural married women and domestic violence as well as the third phase of data collected from the research on women's social status, a conclusion can be drawn that women who obtain employment in non-agricultural industries have a reduced risk of suffering from domestic violence — although the effect is limited. The effect and impact that economic empowerment of women has on domestic violence depends on their social gender culture background. As a result, awareness of gender equality and gender equality consultation should be necessary while promoting the non-agricultural employment and economic capability of rural women.
Keywords:rural women, economic empowerment, non-agricultural employment, domestic violence

Paper type:Published