Women's Rights and Law

How to Develop and Respond to the Non-Regularization Trend in Women's Employment

Ding Yu, Shi Hongmei
Xiamen University
Journal of China Women's University 2015-4

Abstract:Non-regularized employment seems to be a rational choice when women are facing the conflict between work and family. But this is essentially due to the fact that formal employment protection is becoming stricter, making natural associated costs become more apparent, thereby causing women to be rejected by the employment market.Based on the above, the authors puts forward a number of suggestions, such as making more rigid the working time of formal employment; not encouraging a"work overtime" culture; establishing a part-time-work system; delaying the retirement age of women. At the same time, we need to broaden the range of and increase the positive results of the non-regularized employment protection policy. Finally, we would further suggest that children's welfare should take priority over that of women, the reason being that strengthening children's welfare — compared with improving women welfare from a"double-sided"approach — has much more obvious spillover effects for women's employment.
Keywords:"Couples to have a second baby if either is an only chile"policy, women employment, informal employment, employment protection

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