Women's Rights and Law

The Women's Proportion in the Manpower Resource Structure of Colleges and Universities Taking City C as an Example
Uploaded Time: 2015-08-15
Category: Women's Rights and Law
The research analyzes the women's proportion in the structure of the colleges and universities in city C according to the sex of the educational researchers and managers.The two variables are mainly a...Version: Chinese
The Systematic Thinking of Handling Mode to the Defective Marriage Registration
Uploaded Time: 2015-08-07
Category: Women's Rights and Law
When handling defective marriage registration through the administrative procedure, we should not only comply with the provision of Marriage Law and Marriage Registration Regulation, but also have to ...Version: Chinese
The Legal Attribute and Protection of Frozen Embryos——A Case Study on Fighting for Embryos among Elderly in Yixing City Who Lost Their Only Child
Uploaded Time: 2015-07-09
Category: Women's Rights and Law
PU Chunyu Abstract: With the increase of clinical application of embryo, the individual judicial cases present new propositions for legislation. Frozen embryos should be defined as a special existen...Version: Chinese
On the Defects and Reform of China’s Adult Guardianship Law——Case Studies of Civil Case Trial Practice
Uploaded Time: 2015-06-08
Category: Women's Rights and Law
As civil case trials involve important premises based on facts, this paper targets analysis of the current adult guardianship system and its defects as well as practices in trials. The author finds th...Version: Chinese
HUKOU 戶口 Women Hold Up Half the Sky. Does the Chinese Hukou System Treat Rural Women Unequally?
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-08
Category: Women's Rights and Law
The household registration system hukou classifies all citizens according to their place of residence and as originating from either agricultural or non-agricultural households. In this Thesis I study...Version: English
A Study on the Achievements and Challenges in the Research Field of Young Girls in the Past 20 Years since the 4th World Conference on Women
Uploaded Time: 2015-03-20
Category: Women's Rights and Law
This thesis analyzes the achievements and challenges in the research field of young girls since the 4th World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995, and tries to put forward some relevant sugges...Version: Chinese
Challenge and Response:the Perspective of Gender Justice between the Domestic Violence and Self-defense
Uploaded Time: 2015-03-30
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Gender justice hopes that women and men can have equal rights through appropriate institutional arrangements in the real economic and social inequality, to pursue freedom,equality and dignity, and ult...Version: Chinese
A Thesis on the Rules Established in China’s Marriage Law with Respect to the Loss of Gift Foundation
Uploaded Time: 2014-11-17
Category: Women's Rights and Law
The regulation in Article 1, Clause 7 of the Third Legal Explanation of the Marriage Law that any parental contribution to the purchase of immovable property shall be perceived as a parents’ gift to ...Version: Chinese
Policy of Protecting Women's Employment Needs Improving
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-30
Category: Women's Rights and Law
According to Chinese law, employed women in the period of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation cannot be fired by employers, but similar protections for women currently seeking- employment are non- exi...Version: Chinese
Applying Reasonable Reliance Protection to Marital Relations
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-25
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Marriage which is based on the marriage parties’mutual positive trust is a form of gender integration for man and woman which aims for a permanent relationship. After marriage, the concerned parties ...Version: Chinese
Research on the Relationships between the Fundamental Principles of Marital Property Law
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-17
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Marital property law is to regulate relationships between marital property relations according to the legal system. To research marital property relations law, we must study the basic principles of th...Version: Chinese
A Study of Linguistic Problems in the Women's Laws and Regulations
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-29
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Legislative language can accurately express the intent and purpose of laws and regulations. Anomie impacts on laws’ effective implementation. From a linguistic perspective, some of the problems hinde...Version: Chinese
The Consumer Culture Context and the Crisis of Masculinities——On Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club
Uploaded Time: 2014-07-30
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Fight Club is a classic in which Chuck Palahniuk’s unique way of sharp writing style and sagacious language help diagnose the syndrome of contemporary American society. Modern consumer culture places...Version: Chinese
A Study on the Renowned Scholar Wang Zhong's Efforts and the Enlightenments in Safeguarding Women's Rights and Interests in Qing Dynasty
Uploaded Time: 2014-07-02
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Because of his own poor life and the hardship his mother has suffered as a widow for several years, the renowned scholar Wang Zhong paid more attention to the issue of safeguarding women's rights and ...Version: Chinese
Comparative Study on Protection of Women’s Rights in Land Ownership Registration
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-01
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Many international researches and practices show that ensuring women's land registration rights as men is the prerequisite of poverty alleviation and hunger reduction. Protection of women’s rights in...Version: Chinese
On the Characteristics of the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests in China in the New Era Since 1978
Uploaded Time: 2014-06-17
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Since the reform and opening-up, the protection of women's rights and interests in China has improved tremendously. Its practice specializes in several distinct characteristics as follows: formulating...Version: Chinese
Difficulties and Countermeasures of Including Writ of Habeas Corpus into Legislative Dimension
Uploaded Time: 2014-06-13
Category: Women's Rights and Law
In the administration of justice, writ of habeas corpus is one of legislation countermeasures to curb domestic violence. However, there are difficulties in curbing domestic violence and law enforcemen...Version: Chinese
On the Development of the Connotation of Gender-based Violence
Uploaded Time: 2014-06-10
Category: Women's Rights and Law
The connotation of gender-based violence is ought to be developed to keep pace with the society as well as to connote all kinds of"gender-based violence". In accordance with the analysis of the conver...Version: Chinese
An Empirical Research on the Joint Debt after Couples Separated
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-05
Category: Women's Rights and Law
For separated couples, on whether the debt that one party borrowed during their separation is deemed joint debt problems, Article 41 of the Marriage Law, and Article 24 of the Judicial Interpretation ...Version: Chinese
The Legal Nature and Liability Issues of Domestic Service Agencies
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-05
Category: Women's Rights and Law
In accordance with the legal principle and relevant rules, the mediation system of domestic service agencies should belong to the broker, membership of domestic service agencies engaged in intermediar...Version: Chinese