Women's Rights and Law

Equal Treatment and Affirmative Protection --Legislative purpose of Women's Law and analysis of its value
Uploaded Time: 2016-07-22
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Women's Law is the historical product of legal system in specific period. It is resulted from the best model of relationship between women and men-gender justice, which will be realized through pushi...Version: Chinese
Education Is the Key to Improving the Social Position of the Indian Women
Uploaded Time: 2016-07-19
Category: Women's Rights and Law
The low social position of the Indian women has become a main concern of the world. This paper discusses their status quo and offers some possible solutions like education.Version: Chinese
Current Problems and Solutions of Security of Women and Children's Rights and Interests
Uploaded Time: 2016-06-28
Category: Women's Rights and Law
The infingement of the legitimate rights and interests of women and children is a great barrier to human rights construction.Currently,we have achieved new accomplishment with the promotion of constru...Version: Chinese
Analysis of Female College Graduates' Employment Quality and Its Influencing Factor from the Social Gender View:Based on the Investigation of Five Colleges in Fujian Province
Uploaded Time: 2016-06-27
Category: Women's Rights and Law
The communique of the party's the fifth plenary session of the 18 th CPC central committee pointed out that adhere to the strategy of giving priority to employment, to implement a more active employme...Version: Chinese
The Phenomenon of "Remarrying One’s Own Wife" in Ancient Rome
Uploaded Time: 2016-06-21
Category: Women's Rights and Law
In Ancient Rome,Roman men got their own wives remarried on their own initiative,which sounds unimaginably queer in modern view.Under this situation,women were treated as tools of bearing children,esta...Version: Chinese
Advances of Legal Framework for Protecting Chinese Children from Fine Law Perspective
Uploaded Time: 2016-06-20
Category: Women's Rights and Law
According to the fundamental criteria of "fine law",the advances of the legal framework for protecting Chinese children since the practices of the Open-Door Policy can be discerned into three stages.T...Version: Chinese
Research on Judicial Protection of being Murdered of Female Crime
Uploaded Time: 2015-05-31
Category: Women's Rights and Law
As a particular vulnerable groups of women, are often the unreasonable social system, economic system, political system and cultural system of victim, they in a certain extent by the state, society ...Version: Chinese
Empirical research on the issue of infringement and rights protection of female sex workers: sampling 100 cases from :2005 to 2014
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-31
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Sex industry is actually long- existing in our country, and the working environment is usually dangerous for female sex workers which makes them more likely to become the victims of criminal violence....Version: Chinese
Interventions Make Change:An Overview of "Tools and Statistics for Change in Social Norms:Asia-Pacific Forum on Preventing Violence against Women and Girls"
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-27
Category: Women's Rights and Law
A two-day summary meeting of preventing violence against women and girls in Asia- Pacific area was held in Bangkok. The meeting concludes that raising awareness, changing norms and affecting behaviors...Version: Chinese
Yang San'e's Litigation: The Morality, Law and Public Opinion in the Lawsuit Intiated by a Woman in the Early Repubic
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-26
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Yang San Jie (Yang's 3rd Sister) pursued litigation in Hebei province in 1918 and created a sensation as a lawsuit initiated by a woman. This lawsuit found roots in the gender-based imbalance in power...Version: Chinese
Modern Love Poems in Gender Perspective
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-26
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Modern poems were born in the May. 4 Movement period featured by the emancipation of thought, the awakening of Human Beings and the pursuit of freedom in love and marriage. "Theme of Love" has also be...Version: Chinese
Sporting Body Theories under Feminism Perspective
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-25
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Since the 1990 s,sporting body has been a new perspective in feminism studies,forming an important theory in the area of women's sports studies.Through literature review,this article analyzed the theo...Version: Chinese
Chinese Policy on Girls since the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-25
Category: Women's Rights and Law
This paper analyzes Chinese policies on girls that had been implemented since the fourth world conference on women held in1995, and points out that those policies had promoted the girls' development, ...Version: Chinese
A Legal Reflection on the Regulation of Unmarried Cohabitation
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-21
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Unmarried cohabitation has a profound origin. In the new century, there was an increase in the number of unmarried cohabitants both in China and in western countries. The difference lies in the fact t...Version: Chinese
Social Support Research on Family Violence Victims from the Perspective of Social Gender
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-23
Category: Women's Rights and Law
As for the victims of family violence, the society provides a variety of supports.However, restricted by real conditions, these social supports can not completely meet requirements of females.The pape...Version: Chinese
The Expectation of Criminal Law Function
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-17
Category: Women's Rights and Law
To make an analysis of shape of criminal law function image and definition of criminal law function by means of researching investigation of criminal law function, it is thought that criminal law is a...Version: Chinese
Female Village Officers Information Support Network System
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-11
Category: Women's Rights and Law
As a special vulnerable group, women, children and elders left in rural areas have got more and more attention, and the female village officers have been their important social support and the main de...Version: Chinese
On Women's Marriageable Age and the Marital Stability -- Evidence From CHNS
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-10
Category: Women's Rights and Law
Based on CHNS data, this paper uses the method of fuzzy discontinuity regression to test the relationships between women's marriageable age and the marital stability. It finds that: there is no signif...Version: Chinese
China's Protection of Female Workers Labor Rights under an Interview of International Labor Standards
Uploaded Time: 2016-05-03
Category: Women's Rights and Law
The special labor rights of women in international labor standards consist of equality in employment and safety and health in work. According to the ILO Convention No. 100, ratifying state needs to ha...Version: Chinese
A Psychological Approach to the Female Strength in Addressing Domestic Violence
Uploaded Time: 2016-04-26
Category: Women's Rights and Law
There has been wide- spread discussion over the Anti- domestic Violence Law of People's Republic of China. However, the illegal approaches are limited anyway, we should probe into the force of victims...Version: Chinese