Rural Women

A Recearch on the Question of Rural Women's Land Right Safeguard in China

Zhuang Yu
Law School
Jilin Normal University JOurnal:Humanities & Social Science Edition 2009-2

Abstract:The land has the function which is extremely important and cannot be substituted to the farmer as the basis resources. Our country is the biggest agricultural country in the world. And the agricultural population accounts for above 80% of the national population. Therefore the questions of agriculture, the farmer, the countryside have the extremely vital significance to our society's healthy and harmonious development. However, because many reasons, the land contracting power of the general rural women who is in the social lowest level get serious infringements. The phenomenon of the rural women losing the land is extremely serious, which influence the social stability and the harmonious development. Equality of the sexes principle and "Land contracting Law", "Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women", "Marriage law" ask us to safeguard rural women's land rights.
Keywords:the rural women, land contracting, operating right, rights of women, loses the farmer husbands and wives property relations

Paper type:Published