Rural Women

Marriage characteristics and marital satisfaction: A comparison between left- behind women and non- left- behind women

Yang Lijun
School of Social Development and Public Policies, Beijing Normal University,
Journal of Yunnan Nationalities University:Social Sciences 2014-2

Abstract:The transfers of rural surplus labors to urban areas have seriously affected the marital lives of the rural Chinese. Based on an analysis of 1,004 rural women from Henan Province, the study aims to examine the relationship between marriage characteristics and marital satisfaction. The Ordinary Least Squares regression analysis shows that marriage age, age differences between husbands and wives, and the extent of parental involvement in mate selection have a negative effect on women's marital satisfaction, whereas the length of dating, husband's levels of education relative to his wife, and the first marriage are positively associated with women's marital satisfaction. Marriage age, the length of dating, and geographical homogamy and the level of separation combine to affect women's satisfaction with their marriage.
Keywords:marital satisfaction, left - behind women, marriage characteristics, migration

Paper type:Published