Rural Women

Analysis on Turning the Rural Women into Non- agricultural Industry from the Social Gender Point of View

Qiu Hong
Northeast Asian Studies College of Jilin University
Population Journal 2009-1

Abstract:In the process of the rural surplus labor force shift from the rural areas to non - agricultural industries, rural women are obviously in an disadvantageous position, both in terms of the shift scale and of the pay level when they work outside the countryside. This paper takes the social gender theories as the basis, pays attention to rural women's employment situations from the social gender point of view, and analyses the inequality and sex discrimination, which constitute big barriers to hinder rural women's shift to non - agricultural industries. It is suggested that the government should play a more active role to raise rural women's social status, promote sex equality, facilitate rural women's shift in the direction of non - agricultural industries.
Keywords:social gender, the rural women, employment, non - agricultural industry

Paper type:Published