Rural Women

An Analysis on the Factors Affecting the Non- agricultural Employment of Rural Female Relative Surplus Labor

Wang Hongyu
Business School of Jilin University, Changchun Jilin
Population Journal 2012-3

Abstract:This paper is to build a logistic model to analyze the personal, family and regional factors which affect the non - agrictdtural employment of rural female relative surplus labor based on the survey which include depth interview with 21 persons and questionnaire survey with 200 persons in Weichang and Chifeng. Our results show that for the rural female relative surplus labors' non - employment, non - agricultural skills have the greatest impact; residence, the number of country companies have certain influence; family member's attitude, the number of family labors and the will of non - agricultural employment have less effect; age and arable land affect a little. Finally, the government and related institutes should enhance the training about non - agricultural skills, emphasize the country companies' development, and advocate developing flexible business.
Keywords:rural female, relative surplus labor, non- agricultural employment, affecting factors

Paper type:Published