Rural Women

Change Trend and Difference between Generations of Farmersj Concept of Raising Sons for Old Age

Yu Zhangyong
Business College of ShiHeZ'i University
Population Journal 2012-1

Abstract:Based on the survey data of a thousand families coming from ten provinces in China in 2009. The paper analyzed its change trend and difference between generations of farmers"concept of raising sons for old age by binary logistic backward stepwise and crosstabs method. The results show that farmers"concept of raising sons for old age is appearing signal difference between generations and it is going down step by step with the development of the society. The concept of raising daughters for old age is emerging quietly in the rural area. Many factors affect farmers "concept of raising sons for old age and it appears difference between generations. The concept of raising sons for old age is chiefly changing into depending on themselves. But relying on their children and social security system are also important strategy to support their old age life. The situation of tripartite confrontation of farmers" tactics for old age life is taking initial shape. That is the welfare triangle framework including depend oneself, depend children and depend social security system.
Keywords:peasant, concept of raising sons for old age, difference between generations, change trend

Paper type:Published