Rural Women

The Model and Empirical Analysis of Fertility Decision- making in China's Rural Family

Song Limin
Institute of Population Research of Liaoning University
Population Journal 2012-3

Abstract:The total fertility rate is significantly lower than generational replacement level according to the fifth census and the sixth census. This shows that China has entered a period of population development of low fertility level. Reasonable explanation for this phenomenon is that in addition to the impact of the family planning policy, changes in rural family fertility decision - making may be an important endogenous factors. Based on the model of fertility decision - making and empirical analysis, we concluded that the fertility decision - making of rural family is mainly determined by the income and the cost of raising children with a fixed land. Therefore, the rural family maybe reduce number of births according to the trade - off between quality and quantity, which is maybe main causes of the level of fertility decline in China.
Keywords:rural family, fertility decision - making, trade - off between quality and quantity

Paper type:Published