Rural Women

Impact of Chiidren's Gender and Birth Order on Intergenerational Economic Transfer in Rural China

Zhou Lv
Institute of Population Research of Peking University
Population Journal 2012-2

Abstract:Intergenerational transfer motivation has strong impact on public project policy, while economic transfer is an important and common form of intergenerational transfer. There is no research on the impact of children's gender and birth order on intergenerational transfer by now. Altruism and exchange hypotheses are used as two models to define the intergenerational transfer motivation in this article. And we analyze the impact of children's gender and birth order on the motivation from rural parents' perspective. The result shows that children's birth order has a significant impact on the motivation, and the impact of gender is not significant. Therefore, the government should consider the impact of children's birth order on the intergenerational transfer in rural China, to improve the effectiveness of public resourses.
Keywords:rural, children's gender, birth order, intergenerational transfer, economic transfer

Paper type:Published