Rural Women

How does Parent-child Separation Influence Children Left-at-home

Tang Youcai
Department of Sociology of East China University of Science and Technology
Population Journal 2011-3

Abstract:Mainstream of present study on the children left-at-home could be called Problematization Orientation.However,research starting point and analytical method under problematization orientation has been greatly ignoring the multiple facts and rich implications of parent-child separation.In this paper,we return to the original and diverse condition of parent-child separation,hereby study how different patterns influence physical burden,self-closing,school avoidance,academic record and subjective well-being of children left-at-home.The study reveals that those influences brought about by different patterns of parent-child separation turn out to be different,among which the family-sex-effects is most noticeable.This study deepens the research on the children left-at-home and its discoveries can contribute to peasant-workers‘’ family decision-making.
Keywords:parent-child separation, children left-at-home, problematization orientation

Paper type:Published