Rural Women

Comparative Analysis of the Migrant Workers' Social Security in Three Cities in the South, the North and the Middle of China

Jing Yuejun
Center for Northeast Asian Studies of Jilin University
Population Journal 2010-2

Abstract:In recent years, due to our govemment's attention, the social security of migrant workers in China has made great progress. However, their social security levels are still different to varying extents from place to place. This paper selects three representative cities in the south, the north and the middle of China respectively, and attempts to make comparative analyses of the migrant workers' social security situations based on survey data. There are significant regional differences in terms of either degree of social security or specific concerns of migrant workers from place to place. From the perspective of the government, the policy for migrant workers can not be "one size fits all" nationwide, and it should be treated and guided differently. The government should establish social security systems for migrant workers with focuses at different levels. The northern provinces should fully learn from the experience and countermeasures in legal protection, pensions, children's schooling, etc. of the southern provinces.
Keywords:migrant worker, social security, social relief, social welfare

Paper type:Published