Rural Women

Female Migrant Workers' Class Difference and Social Integration

Li Rongbin
Liaoning Technical University
Youth Studies 2016-5

Abstract:Basing on the data from"2014 Dynamic Survey of Floating Population ", this paper tries to study female migrant workers' class difference and social integration. According to the results, female migrant workers' social integration is positively related with their social class. Due to the impact of economic alienation and Matthew effect, a huge number of female migrant workers in middle and low class are difficult to integrate into the city. For female migrant workers, economic ability is the basis of realizing social integration. Comparing with the female migrant workers in middle and low class, female migrant workers in high class often fall into the situation of "not unwilling to integrate, but refusing to be integrated into the lower class ". Hence, it is necessary to break all kinds of institutional barriers, implement the equalization of public services and reform the household registration system; improve the employment opportunity and economic income; provide more opportunity of upward mobility for female migrant workers in middle and low class; reduce the inequality of opportunity and decrease the internal difference of female migrant workers.
Keywords:Female Migrant Workers, Class Difference, Social Integration, Interactive Analysis

Paper type:Published