Rural Women

Logic Analysis of Rural Women's Interest Expression Action:Based on the Case Study of Louis Island

Chen Tao
Department of Sociology, Hohai University
Collection of Women's Studies 2016-5

Abstract:Environmental problems have been the cause of social activism voicing public concerns, although rural women's cause of action has been gravely understudied. Research on women's action expressing their environmental interests on Louis Island shows that women express interest through activism in either dependent or independent ways. They are not silence, nor were they confrontational in ways in which Eco-feminists would do. They, instead, were resilient and their contentions were tenacious exhibiting their strong wills of resistance. Women's struggle wills, gender advantage as well as the emotional resonance effect and emotion management produced by resentment and curse are important factors in running tenacious contention. They use their advantage as women in expressing their struggle wills and exercising emotional resonance as a weapon to assist and sustain men's activism.
Keywords:interest expression action, tenacious contention, Eco-feminism, emotional resonance, emotional management

Paper type:Published