Rural Women

Analysis of Chinese Rural Women's Political Indifference

Shi Fenglian
School of Politics & Public Administration, Shandong University
Journal of Shandong University(Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2009-1

Abstract:Political indifference is ubiquitous in present China. Rural women are particularly politically indifferent. They are less conscious and enthusiastic in political participation. Most of rural women do not participate in political life at all. Those who do participate usually do so negatively. Their political indifference could be attributed mainly to their subordinate economic status, the sense of political inefficiency, lack of incentives, influence of traditional political culture and poor education, heavy burden with housework, and lower level of organization. Accordingly, great efforts should be made to improve their economic status, strengthen publicity, give full play to the organizations of rural women, and improve institutions to protect women.
Keywords:rural women, political indifference, political participation, democratic politics

Paper type:Published