Rural Women

Rural Women's "Selective Rationality" in Their Preference for Sons
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-06
Category: Rural Women
Using the data of family and fertility survey conducted by the Population and Development Research Centre at Renmin University of China in Zhejiang, Hubei and Hebei in 2010, this paper explains the re...Version: English
Liushou Women's Happiness and Its Influencing Factors in Rural China
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-29
Category: Rural Women
The rural women, who are left away from their husbands and live alone or with other family members in their native residence, are called Liushou women, also known as Liushou wives. As the reform and o...Version: Chinese
Evolution and Comparison of Rural Endowment Ideas
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-30
Category: Rural Women
With the transformation of China's economic and social structure and demographic change,the endowment ideas of rural elders were changing.Through a survey and in-depth interviews of rural elders from ...Version: Chinese
Study on the health status of rural women in china and its influencing factors:based on the ordered probit model
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-30
Category: Rural Women
using the cross-section data from 2006 China Health and Nutrition Survey (CHNS), this paper describes the health status of rural women. And using the ordered probit model, the anthors analyzes the f...Version: Chinese
Gender Consciousness in Public Policy and Women's Participation in Politics in Countryside -- A Case Study of Improving the Proportion of Women Members in Villages Committee
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-30
Category: Rural Women
Women in countryside are an important force in villagers' autonomy. Especially when the men go to cities to work, women in villages will play a remarkable role in today's countryside. However, owing t...Version: Chinese
Life Welfare of Marriage Migration Females in Rural Area: Better or Worse?
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-22
Category: Rural Women
As a way of social mobility, marriage migration has great impact on female's development. Using survey data of "Marriage Migration and Development of Rural Females" conducted in nine provinces in2014,...Version: Chinese
On the Emergence of Rural Health Programs' Organization from the Perspective Individual
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-07
Category: Rural Women
Health improvement programs such as square dancing and calisthenics carried out by women have sprung up in recent years in rural China. Analysis reveals that with the advances in the process of indivi...Version: Chinese
An Analysis on Exerting 'Two Cancers' Trojects on Rural Women
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-30
Category: Rural Women
This thesis is to elaborate some practice and experience,which help rural women to get the biggest advantage from the diagnosis of cervical cancer,breaster cancer(hereinafter referred to as,"two can...Version: Chinese
Taking Right to Education of Rural Girls Seriously
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-17
Category: Rural Women
As a basically constitutional right, the right to education of rural girls has not been fulfilled by law because of poverty and difficulties in learning and teaching. To solve these problems, the auth...Version: Chinese
Outsiders in City:Body Writing and Cultural Characterization on Rural Women
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-10
Category: Rural Women
In Chinese contemporary literature, especially since the 1990s, rural women body image has merged in the stories in the gender orientation of the migrant workers' narrative. Based on the limitations o...Version: Chinese
On Ethical Criticism and the Materialist Viewpoint of Feminism
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-06
Category: Rural Women
Marxist material point of view reveals that the oppression of female is rooted in the system of capitalist economy and politics. The contemporary western feminism, by analyzing the problems of females...Version: Chinese
The Impact of "Staying Behind" on the Social Gender Values of Rural Women in China's Western Regions
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-04
Category: Rural Women
According to the results of a large-scale poll, this article sets out to analyze and compare the social gender values between rural "staying" whereas "non-staying" ones in the west.Results show that "...Version: Chinese
Discussion on Marital Problems of 'Left-Behind' Women
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-27
Category: Rural Women
As the divorce rate in rural China increases year on year, the marital problems of 'left-behind' women have become a point of public focus. In this paper, the author calls on all members of society to...Version: Chinese
On the Stay-at-Home Women's Present Situation and the Influence of their Family Stability in Rural Areas——A Case Study of the Ethnic Areas near Guangxi-Vietnam Boundary
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-28
Category: Rural Women
As a large number of young male adults go out to work, women have to stay at home to take care of the families. Those stay-at-home women are a special vulnerable group. They have to undertake heavy du...Version: Chinese
Categories of Women Images in Teleplays with Rural Subject Matters and Their Cultural Meaning
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-13
Category: Rural Women
A large number of country women images have been shaped and delineated in teleplays with rural subject matters produced since the New Era.Many of the teleplays directly make country women as their sub...Version: Chinese
On Marriage and Fertility Changes in Women Migrant Workers of Wa from a Public Management Perspective——Taking Laipian Village, Cangyuan County, Yunnan Province as an Example
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-09
Category: Rural Women
Compared to traditional marriage and fertility rates, the marriage and fertility rates of women migrant workers of the Wa people show new features in marriage forms, marriage concepts, marriage age mo...Version: Chinese
Performance Study in Implementing Women's Small Secured-loans' Subsidized-interest Policy: In Case of Yongxiu County of Jiangxi Province and Cheng County of Gansu Province
Uploaded Time: 2015-09-29
Category: Rural Women
Governments and relevant institutions have been paying attention to performance since the Small Secured-loans Fiscal Subsidized-interest Policy was implemented five years ago. The authors conducted a ...Version: Chinese
Perception and Action:Woman's Participation in Village Governance before the Village Autonomy Period
Uploaded Time: 2015-09-24
Category: Rural Women
Rural women had the experience of highly participating in village governance, and the lack of political participation awareness and ability can’t be the basis of their marginalization in public areas...Version: Chinese
A Study of Local College Library's Participation in the Knowledge Service for the Left-behind Women in the Countryside
Uploaded Time: 2015-09-09
Category: Rural Women
Based on the analysis of life situations for the left-behind women in rural areas, it was concluded that the knowledge poverty had a significant impact on the life standard of left-behind women. Thus ...Version: Chinese
Difficulties and Measures for Women's Political Participation under the Femeninization of Villages
Uploaded Time: 2015-08-14
Category: Rural Women
With the acceleration of the trend of rural laborers shifting their work to non-agriculture, the feminization of the rural environment has evolved into a settled pattern. Limits on the public spheres ...Version: Chinese