Causes Cnalysis of Lesbian Among College Students in Nanchong

Tang Ji, Chen Ruoxuan
Preventive Medical Department, North Sichuan Medical College
The Chinese Journal of Human Sexuality 2016-1

Abstract:Objectives: To understand the causes of lesbian among college students in Nanchong so as to provide evidences of psychological directions. Methods: Through the Bai Du post bar and QQ groups, we chose 50 college lesbians studying in Nanchong and did face-to-face questionnaires. Results:In the investigation, there were 23 lesbians( 46%), and 27 bisexuals( 54%). T( masculine role in lesbians) accounted for 36%, P( feminine role in lesbians) accounted for 38% and H( both roles) accounted for 26%.There were 13 girls who were inborn lesbian, accounting for 56.5%.Conclusions: The causes of lesbian among college students may be related to the spread of lesbian culture, the induction of the lesbians, social networking, genetic, social acceptance, appear-ance, personality and other factors. The spread of lesbian culture and the induction of the lesbians are likely the main causes.
Keywords:Female, college students, Lesbian, Cause

Paper type:Published