Influence of External Sex Situation on College Students' Attitudes toward Homosexuality

Shen Jia, Hu Zhiguo
School of Education, Hangzhou Normal University
Journal of Hangzhou Normal University (Natural Science Edition) 2016-3

Abstract:The present study explored the influence of external sex situation on college students' attitudes toward homosexuality. Using the Scale of Attitude toward Homosexuality, two hundred and thirty college students were surveyed. According to the sex ratio in the participants' classes, three types of sex situation were defined as male-dominated situation, female-dominated situation and balanced sex situation. The effect of different sex situations on the scores in the scale was examined. The results showed that compared with the female participants in male-dominated and female-dominated situations, the females in balanced sex situation tended to have stricter attitudes toward homosexuality, especially toward gay men, and such effect was mainly reflected by the moral factors in the scale. The influence of external sex situation on males' attitudes toward homosexuality was not significant. These results suggested that different external sex situation with different sex ratio could modulate individual's (especially female's) attitude toward homosexuality.
Keywords:homosexuality, attitude, college student, sex situation, sex ratio

Paper type:Published