Postmodernism and Social work: A Narrative Analysis Based on Three Research Methods

He Yun
Beijing Normal University
Journal of East China University of Science and Technology:Social Science Edition 2014-1

Abstract:Postmodernism, known as the spirit of question, criticism and cross-examination, argues against grand narrative, discourse hegemony and eternal truths, and advocates microscopic narrative, subject of life, relative truth, diversity, heterogeneity, and marginalism, which also concerns with vulnerable groups such as peasant, worker, gay, colored race, ethnic minorities and female outside public life circle. All of these features reflect the extreme agreement between the postmodernism and social work. For this, we try to use the three methods of postmodernism (the extended case method, narrative and action research) to narrate and explore this agreement.
Keywords:postmodernism, research of social work, narrative, the extended case method, action

Paper type:Published