On College Students' Sex Role Group's Attitude towards Homosexuality

Shen Xiaofeng
Labor Union, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
Li Feng
School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Normal University
Contemporary Youth Research 2014-3

Abstract:Modern society cannot neglect and have to face up to the problem of homosexuality. What's worth more attention is homosexuality situation in college and university campus. With the survey based on 1288students, this paper found that there was relevantly high portion of undifferentiated role and androgynous role in college students. Gender role and the attitude towards homosexuality have certain relevance. There is a certain percentage of homosexuality in campus and college students' attitude towards homosexuality is overall objective and tolerant. At the same time, we also found that gender education cannot meet the needs and we should strengthen the sex education of college students by AIDS knowledge education, mental health education and gender role education.
Keywords:Sex Role, Homosexuality, Gender Education

Paper type:Published