Living Status, Discourse Evolution and Heterogeneous Voices: Homosexuality Research from the 1990s in China

Wang Qingfeng
Department of Sociology, Peking University
Youth Studies 2011-5

Abstract:Since the late 1990s, under the trend of "global queering", homosexual transformed from "disease", "perversion", and "politically incorrect sexual relationship" to "de-pathology"and "de-criminalize" inter- subjective personality relationship. Under the influence of western sexual science, Chinese homosexual discourse as a consequence of modernity experienced a process of tolerance, containment and re-tolerance. However, autonomous homosexual narrative has been monopolized by totalize master narrative, this suppression not only from heterosexual society, but also from gay community itself. During the past twenty years, Chinese homosexual study gradually shifts from behavior to identity, and the research paradigm also shifts from essentialism to constructivism.
Keywords:Homosexuality, Compulsory Heterosexuality, Discourse Evolution, Identification, Globalization

Paper type:Published