An Investigation of College Students' Cognition and Attitude to Homosexuality

Zhang Han, Sun Tingting
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, China Medical University
Wang Peng
School of Education Science, Jiangxi Normal University
The Chinese Journal of Human Sexuality 2008-9

Abstract:Objectives: To investigate the condition of college students' cognition and attitude to homosexuality as well as the relation of them. Methods: Totally 500 students who were sampled from three universities by cluster sampling were tested by the self-organized questionnaire about college students' cognition and attitude to homosexuality. Results: (1) The cognition condition of science students was better than those of liberal arts, and science students' attitude was more tolerant. But college students' cognition and attitude on homosexuality don't vary with different genders, developing environments or whether being the single child in family.(2) There was significantly positive correlation between college students' cognition of homosexuality and their attitude to it. The attitude can be positively predicted according to college students' cognition on homosexuality.(3) The cognition and attitude to homosexuality of college students both significantly vary among different time when they first got in touch with the word of homosexuality. Conclusion: The correct cognition of homosexuality makes college students more tolerant of attitude to homosexuality.
Keywords:Homosexuality, College students, Cognition, Attitude

Paper type:Published