Eros and Self-Lesbian Feminism in With This Ring

Xu Qinghong
School of Foreign Studies, Anhui Normal University
Journal of Anhui Normal University(Hum.& Soc. Sci.) 2008-6

Abstract:With This Ring by Klil Zisapel, an influential young Israeli woman writer, is a successful work in terms of radical Lesbian Feminist criticism. The novel, through its lesbian discourse and behavior, reveals the lesbians' liberation of eros and pursuit of self. Its thematic concern, conspicuously subversive but serious, is about gender issue-an inquiry of the conventional gender and sexuality as well as the existing social problems. The rational understanding of lesbian discourse, literate women and woman/sex liberation can help interpret women writing tendency and reality of the society, the group and the individual in the new era of cultural pluralism and globalization.
Keywords:With This Ring, eros, self, lesbian feminism

Paper type:Published