The Female’s Initiation of Cinderella:On Mansfield Park and Jane Eyre from Feminist Perspective

Ding Guangli
School of Foreign Languages,Southwest University,Chongqing 400715
Journal of Sichuan College of Education 2012-6

Abstract:The story of Cinderella has become a kind of literary model in literature creation, which is embodied in literature works.Mansfield Park and Jane Eyre are two typical ones, which incisively show the heroines' Cinderella's life. Their experience, living environment and characteristics reflect their different behaviors and similar pursuit, that is, they gain happy marriage from their wisdom,equal thought and good morality. The awareness of female expresses the new feminist values.
Keywords:Cinderella; female’s initiation; feminism; Mansfield Park; Jane Eyre;

Paper type:Published