Social Status of Women

Thoughts on the Effects of World Women's Conferences and of the United Nations' Promotion of the Women's Movement

Ding Juan
Women's Studies Institute of China
Journal of China Women's University 2015-4

Abstract:It has been about 40 years since the United Nations created International Women's Year in 1975. It also has been 20 years since the Forth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing in 1995. In the time since such landmark events, the international women's movement has made great strides. Although the women's conference of1995 is an event of the past, its effect and influence still play a key part in the realization process of gender equality.On promoting the international women's movement and the course of women's development in all countries, it will also act as an important component.
Keywords:The World Conference on Women, The United Nations, women's movement, leading roles

Paper type:Published