Social Status of Women

Five Challenges Facing the Women's Development and Pursuit of Gender Equality in China: A Case Study in Fujian Province

Wang Jinling
Institute of Sociology, Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences
Journal of Yunnan Nationalities University:Social Sciences 2013-3

Abstract:In the process of modernization, industrialization and marketization together with the rising awakening of self - consciousness, the women's development and pursuit of gender equality in China has entered a new stage. But there remain five serious problems and challenges : ( 1 ) the apparent contradiction between the plural and multi-dimensional needs of Chinese women and the level of social development; ( 2 ) the conflict between the gender equality as the goal and the negative force of the traditional culture; ( 3 ) the in- tertwinement and mutual embedment of the problems facing China's agriculture, rural areas and farmers and gender issues in the'rural areas; (4) the intertwinement and mutual embedment of the modernization- related problems and gender issues as well as the gender perspectives in modernization and the modernization of gender issues; ( 5 ) theintertwinement and mutual embedment of the social stratification and gender issues, as well as the gender perspectives in the social stratification and the social stratification of gender issues.
Keywords:gender, women's position, challenge

Paper type:Published