Social Status of Women

Language Construction of Gender:A Study of Three Minority Societies in Yunna

Shen Haiying
School of Foreign Languages and Culture,Kunming University of Science and Technology
Journal of Yunnan Nationalities University:Social Sciences 2013-3

Abstract:In the history of the development of Western feminist theories,the cultural construction of gender theory has helped interpret the universal cultural mode,that is,women are situated at the disadvantaged status in human culture.Feminists think that there are a series of cultural and social institutes which can transform the biological differences between men and women into social differences in any society or culture.Based on ethnographies in three minority societies of the Dai,the Yi and the Bai,this paper discusses the cases of language construction of gender in Yunnan,and explores the roles of language in the construction of gender differences and unequal relations.This paper also argues that the analysis of Gender Dichotomy is limited in understanding gender and its complexity but it can help to reveal the gender power relations in specific social situations,which still has some significance to the study of gender relations in contemporary China.
Keywords:gender language, dichotomy, construction

Paper type:Published