Social Status of Women

The Theoretical Perspective and Situation of Empirical Research into Gender and Leadership Styles/Efficiency

Zhang Ruiuan, Zhang Lili
China Women's University
Journal of China Women’s University 2015-2

Abstract:As more and more women enter the workplace and take up leadership positions, leadership styles and effectiveness has attracted wide attention. Based on gender perspectives, there has been a great deal of empirical research into leadership style/efficiency. According to gender definitions, existing research can be summarized into three perspectives: psychological perspective, social structure and interpersonal perspective. A plethora of studies have been conducted examining how men and women differ from one another in their leadership style, behavior and efficiency. With no clear conclusion, research has found that women leaders prefer democracy, participation and transformation, while both men and women are no different in terms of effectiveness. Only in different context, the leadership efficiency has some differences. The study not only laid a foundation for more research, but also promotes the improvement and support of female leadership.
Keywords:gender, theoretical perspective, leadership style, leadership efficiency

Paper type:Published