Social Status of Women

The Changing Position of the Yi Women in the Family: A Case Study of Zhiju Village in Yunnan Province

Li Xiaoli
Postgraduates Affairs Department, Yunnan Nationalities University
Journal of Yunnan Nationalities University:Social Sciences 2007-4

Abstract:Through a five-year investigation of the Yi people at Zhiju Village in Yongren County of Yunnan Province, the author of this paper has found that the dominant production form is still based on individual production with the family as the core. Such factors as social structure, economic consideration, marriage custom, family concept and religious concept have combined to construct the submissive position of the Yi women in the family. However, their position in the family is changing with the introduction of modern production, lifestyle and economic consideration to this area.
Keywords:Yi Nationality, women, social position, Zhiju

Paper type:Published