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A Typical Tragedy of Love in Politics ——Characteristics of Lee and Hou's Love and Its Tragedy in Peach Blossom Fan

Hu Jing
Zhangzhou Normal College
Journal of Zhangzhou Normal University(Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2003-2

Abstract:Lee and Hou's love tragedy in Peach Blossom Fan manifests unique characteristics and implication. This is a love that both sides above each other and remain unanimous in politics. But love and politics are of different categories in life. The former has emotion as its foundation while the latter, however, takes the interests of classes or groups as its basis. When love faces politics, especially unsuccessful politics, love can only end in a disaster. Lee and Hou's love tragedy, a consequence of love in politics, has both its contemporary and trans - contemporary characteristics.
Keywords:Lee and Hou’s love, Politics, Tragedy

Paper type:Published