Social Status of Women

An empirical study on the political participation status of rural women left behind in village autonomy:a case study of S city in northern Jiangsu Province

Li XiaoGuang
Research Center of Political Civilization and Rural Development, Nanjing Agricultural University
Journal of Central South University(Social Science) 2015-3

Abstract:In S city in northern Jiangsu Province which is an underdeveloped area, a great number of male labor go away to the city, leaving behind women and offering them enough space who inevitably become the Subject and main body in rural autonomy. But the data show that the breadth and depth of participation in village self-government of these left-behind women did not change their persistent dilemma. Analysis reveals that this is the comprehensive effect of multiple factors including organization, system, idea, material interests and cultural education. Therefore, we should take the consciousness of gender equality into the decision-making mainstream of the rural political development. That is, in the male-dominated society in China, we should implement consistently our basic national policy of "gender equality, " especially to strengthen the design and construction of legal system and the compulsory system arrangement to ensure a certain proportion of such women's substantive participation. Only in this way, can we gradually improve these women's status of the Subject in the village autonomy
Keywords:left women, the village autonomy, the main political status of women, the consciousness of gender equality, the design of the legal system

Paper type:Published