Social Status of Women

The Achievement of Social Network and Political-Social Capital – Informal Social Support System for Women's Participation in Politics

Zhu PingYan
School of Sociology of Central China Normal University
Hubei Social Sciences 2010-2

Abstract:Social network refers to the collection of all individual-centered social relations and social network mode is one of the three modes of access to social resources. Particularly, in Chinese society, the more harmonious and more social relations a person acquires, the more successful social behavior she or he will have. The quantity of social resources that people could gain mainly depend on the quality of their social networks. Therefore, establishing social network is regarded as a shortcut to the possession of social resources. However, research shows that differences exist between men and women in terms of access to social capitals. Specifically, men have advantages over women in acquiring social capitals. There is a positive correlation between kinship and access to political and social capitals for women, which means strong ties (kinship) enable uplifting women's level of gaining political and social resources to thereby obtain better political and social capitals.
Keywords:Women's participation in politics, social relations, network, political and social capitals

Paper type:Published