Social Status of Women

Two Different Customs:Staying at Home and Not Living with Husbands

Shi YiLong
Department of Anthropology & Ethnology, Xiamen University
Journal of Guangxi Teachers Education University(Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) 2016-4

Abstract:In the community of Han nationality, there is a custom called "Staying at Home" in eastern coastal area in Huian County, Fujian Province, which requires the wife to go back to live with her own family until she gives birth to her first child. Meanwhile, in Pearl River Delta Region in Guangdong, there was a custom called"Not Living with Husbands"in the past, which includes"Mai Men Kou(to pay for entrance into wife's house)", "Shou Mu Qing(to clear ancestors' tombs)"and"Zi Shu Nv(to comb one's own hair)". Previously, people adopted "Not Living with Husbands"to conclude these two areas’ customs. However, after a careful analysis, it can be found that these two customs have more differences than similarities. "Not Living with Husbands"only existed in Guangdong's Pearl River Delta Region while"Staying at Home" in Huian shouldn't be regarded as a part of"Not Living with Husbands", because the wife only lives with her own family for a certain period of time before giving birth. Therefore, these two customs should be considered as two different things.
Keywords:Staying at Home, Not Living with Husbands, Different Customs

Paper type:Published