Social Status of Women

Gender Perspective: A Sexual Comparative Study on The Influence Factors of Marital Power: Based on Women's Social Status Investigation Data of Fujian Province

Li Jingya
Department of Sociology of School of Politics at Jimei University
Journal of Jimei University(Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2016-4

Abstract:According to the data of the third women' s social status survey in Fujian province, this paper mainly research the differences of the influence factors between the husband and wife right in the family, then discusses the social and cultural roots for the differences acquisition between the male and female marital power in view of social gender theory. According to the article, social gender role shaping has the profound influence for the husbands' and wives' family power acquisition, is also the cause for the gender inequality in family field.
Keywords:marital power, Influence factors, Sexual Comparative

Paper type:Published