Social Status of Women

The Demands and Realization of Women's Social Security——A Reflection on the Development of Women's Social Security Systems Against the Background of Fertility Policy Adjustment

Zhang HuiXia
Beijing Vocational College of Labor and Social Security
Journal of China Women’s University 2015-5

Abstract:At present, women's social security benefits are based on employment. Married women cannot benefit from this kind of individual social security. With a family allowed only one child and with mothers generally at work, special social security benefits fall short. However, fertility policies are being adjusted in China, with the role of mothers or other family caregivers emphasized. This does challenge women's employment and career development. It makes clear, based on foreign research and practice that government should respond to the needs of women in terms of social security. Women rely more on social security than men from the perspective of physiology, while the aged depend more on social caregivers. It is also true that the income level in relation to women's social security is lower. This shows that women's social security should be different from that of men. In summary, women's social security in China should be adjusted alongside fertility equivalents. The demand for women's social security should be emphasized and the current social security system should respond to women's needs.
Keywords:fertility policy adjustment, women's social security benefits, social security system for women

Paper type:Published